Camilla Wirseen

Co-founder of Peepoople who has been working in slums all over the world with the Peepoo sanitation solution. Today the Peepoo school program is reaching 20,000 school children in Kibera slum in Nairobi. The program has proven to be a huge success helping to facilitate higher attendance in schools and improved health. While solving this huge problem providing dignity to these children, she realized that there was another problem for girls just around the corner. Their monthly period.



Left Sweden in early life and worked on various foreign aid projects in Sri Lanka, India and Zambia. Later went to film school and has for over 20 years been producing commercials at Traktor, one of the hottest and most award winning advertising production companies in the world. He has worked with big brands like Levi's, Nike, H&M, Axe, Heineken, Volvo, Virgin Atlantic, Mini, GE and Visa.

He also co-founded the parenting website