CUP Projects

It is easy to take the simplest things for granted.

Children growing up in challenging environments face many problems. Often parents don’t have the strength or possibility to give the care, guidance or financial support children need. This affects girls especially when they get their monthly period and are not provided with sanitary pads. Girls use anything they have at hand such as newspaper, cloth, feathers, pieces of a mattress, mud etc. Even if they get pads many girls lack underwear in which the pads can be worn. These desperate actions can lead to infections but also to life threatening activities. In some cases girls feel they have no other option but to sell their bodies in order to be able to buy pads. Pads that only last a couple of days leaving the girl in the same desperate situation the next month

The CUP program is divided into a short initial part and a long-term support program. The first part consists of four sessions taking place in schools over a two-week period where the girls are trained in several topics such as human rights, reproductive health, Sex Education, team building and empowerment sessions and more. During the sessions the girls who have their period are provided with a menstrual cup that will last them 10 years.

The CUP objective is to reach girls living in challenging environments all over the world with the Cup Program. The program is developed to be cost effective and easy to scale. It tackles several social, physical and emotional problems faced by girls growing up in poverty. Currently girls aged 9-14 are being helped in schools in Kenya and we are soon to reach out to girls in India.

Some say investing in girls may be the highest return possible in the developing world. Let’s give these girls and young women a world of possibilities.