THE CUP WANTS TO EMPOWER adolescent girls and keep them in school. We believe focusing on youths and especially girls is key to making a better world. 

Girls deserve to grow up in dignity and be safe. This is not the situation for millions of underprivileged girls around the world. The problems they face are sometimes overwhelming.

The Cup’s mission is to reach 1 million girls around the world with life skill training and a menstrual cup. 

no menstrual solution

One of the biggest problems girls who grow up in poverty face is the lack of proper and hygienic solutions when they have their period. If their parents don’t have money to buy pads they end up using anything at hand like cloth, leaves, tissue, pieces of mattresses or even have transactional sex for pads. These practices are dangerous to their health but also make many girls miss several days of school every month. Some drop out of school for good.


The menstrual cup is a long-term sustainable and hygienic solution. If properly taken care of it can last for 10 years. In Kenya so far 5000 girls aged 11-14 have been given a menstrual cup for free. Those who have started using the cup admits not missing a day of school since, participating in sports and are not afraid of staining their clothes while playing or sitting in the class room. They feel free and healthy. 



The Cup trainers all come from a similar background as the girls they train, and many have experienced the same challenges. This creates an understanding and the girls are more likely to be able to bond and open up. The trainings are designed to be intimate, allowing for fun, and the trainers are seen as role models and big sisters - someone they can confide in and also look at as an inspiration for their own future. 



Many underprivileged girls lack information about the most basic things. They don’t know why we menstruate, how one becomes pregnant or get sexually transmitted diseases, but worse is, they don’t know how to prevent them either. The Cup provides training during four sessions that include sex ed, the reproductive system, relationships, puberty, unsafe abortions, HIV/STDs and prostitution. 



In most parts of the world girls grow up disempowered due to gender inequality. In Kenya 60 % of underprivileged women think men have the right to beat their wife’s. To fight abuse and grow girls self-esteem The Cup talks about human and reproductive rights to both girls and boys. Girls self-confidence is also strengthened by a learning how to defend themselves and act if in danger of rape.   


Boys, parents, teachers – the environment surrounding the girls are involved

To achieve real change we believe that the environment surrounding the girls need to understand the challenges the girls go through. The Cup has an information meeting with parents and seek their approval for giving cups to their daughters. Boys are trained as well by our male role model teachers in similar subjects like the girls. Teachers and informal leaders are informed as well.  


The Cup Helpline - girls should never feel alone

Many girls grow up alone without any adult to talk to. This is sometimes the root to many of their problems. The Cup trainers share their numbers during the trainings so they can be in touch.  We also have a 24 hrs anonymous helpline where girls can call or text and ask questions or just talk about their problems. Our trainers are educated in peer counseling. 



The Cup is also fighting the taboo that still exists about talking about menstruation and you can help here too, by sharing our website, create awareness and start talking naturally and openly about periods.

And you could make the switch for yourself, or get a cup for your sister, wife or daughter. This will save a lot of money and be good to the environment as an average woman uses around 12,000 pads or tampons while menstruating. That is a lot of waste clogging our drains and to sit in our landfills. The Cup is also cleaner and better for your body.