Our trainers are young empowered women who have shared the same challenges whilst growing up as the girls they train. This creates a trust and an understanding. They go through an extensive training in general teaching skills, the CUP program and how to empower and approach these young girls.

Good role models are especially important for adolescent girls and even more so in challenging environments where contacts from the outside world are few.

THE CUP Mentorship Program

For many girls growing up around the world it is common girls feel alone and have no one to talk to when entering adolescence. This is even truer in poor environments where due to poverty parents and adults are absent; schools are understaffed and don’t offer all the necessary education in reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases and more.

The CUP program provides girls, who have gone through the CUP training, a long term mentorship program where they can contact the CUP team at any time and discuss anything that is on their mind. They can get help if have questions about the cup, talk about love and relationships or family problems.

Living in poor environments is usually very dangerous for girls and women and rape is common. If a girl has been assaulted she can contact our CUP mentors who will introduce her over to our partner organizations working with sexual victims to ensure she gets the necessary medical help and counseling.