The training takes place over two weeks and is divided into four sessions. Before the distribution of the menstrual cups parents are invited to an information meeting where they give their consent of their daughters participation.

Session 1: Bonding

The first session focuses on creating a relaxed atmosphere since many of the topics, which will be discussed, could be considered embarrassing. The CUP program aim is to try to ”break the silence” and encourage girls to talk and discuss; their period, their problems, sex and learn to accept and love their bodies.

The class is divided into smaller groups where the CUP trainers shares her own life story and relevant experiences. During the second part of the session each girl is interviewed about her background, family, if she has been sexually active and how she manages her period.

Girls are also invited to write down questions they have anonymously and put in the CUP question box, which are answered in the following sessions. The interviews are kept in a directory for possible future contacts with the CUP mentorship program. 

Session 2: Sex Education

During the second session general topics about becoming an adolescent are discussed like having sex, love, menstruation, how to use condoms, other contraceptives, infections, sexually transmitted diseases, teen age pregnancies, illegal abortions (in many developing countries abortions are illegal) prostitution and more.

 Session 3: Introduction to the CUP

In the third session the girls are taught reproductive health and educated about the menstrual cup. Girls who have started their period are given a cup for use. Part of session is devoted to practical training on how to safely use and take care of the cup.

Session 4: Girl Empowerment

Last session is aimed to empower and build self-confidence. The girls are trained on their rights as humans, women and citizens of their country.

Future opportunities, like being able to go to university and what one can have as a profession, is presented. The CUP teams also try to unite the girls into a strong groups that can talk and support each other. The aim is that the girls will walk out of the CUP program with a new found confidence and start to dream and set goals for their future. 

Mentorship program

The program also provides a mentorship program where girls are offered ongoing support during the years they grow up.