Social Good

Not only will you do some social good by switching to the cup, but you will also help girls who live in poverty to get a cup and enable them to stay in school, be healthier and to have their periods as they should.


It is easy to take the simplest things for granted.


Imagine being a young girl, living in poverty. When you get your period you have no clean material to use and no one to talk to.

This is the situation for millions of girls around the world. Many of these girls miss school every month due to their periods or use whatever material they can find, such as old cloth, a piece of mattress, feathers, newspaper or mud, which may lead to infections. In some cases girls feel that they have no option, but to sell their bodies in order to buy menstrual pads, leaving the girl in the same desperate situation the next month.

Help a girl in need to get a cup.

THE CUP is driving a global campaign in partnership with some of the leading menstrual cup producers, with the goal to give a cup to 1 million girls living in poverty, enabling them to flourish and grow up in dignity.

There are many ways you can help. Support a girl on our homepage or simply help spreading the word. Share, tweet, post and engage.

The objective is to reach girls living in challenging environments all over the world with a cup and our two week long Cup Program. The program is developed to be cost effective and easy to scale. It tackles several social, physical and emotional problems faced by girls growing up in poverty. Currently girls aged 9-14 are being helped in schools in Kenya and we are soon to reach out to girls in India.

Some say investing in girls may be the highest return possible in the developing world. Let’s give these girls and young women a world of possibilities.