The Problem.

In 2015 UNICEF and the World Health Organization estimated that at least five hundred million women lack sufficient resources to manage their periods. With insufficient menstrual solutions, many girls miss a week of school each month or they drop out for good. Too often these girls even engage in transactional sex to make money for pads and tampons.

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The Solution.

The Menstrual Cup is a menstrual product made out of medical grade silicon that can be reused for up to 10 years, this means the lifetime cost of a cup user is a fraction of that of a traditional tampon or pad user. All this makes the Menstrual Cup the environmentally friendly and economically competitive solution to disposables.

The Cup Foundation aims to make the cup the product which will empower girls around the world; giving them a chance to stay in school and strive to live with dignity.



15,000 Girls.

Since its inception in 2015, The Cup Foundation has reached close to 15,000 girls aged 11 – 16 in Kenya. 15,000 girls can now have higher attendance in school and are better able to concentrate during lessons.

15,000 girls now live a more dignified life and have acquired essential knowledge that allows them to stay safe, healthy, and empowered. 

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Cup Summit 2018

This January The Cup Foundation initiated and hosted the first Cup Summit in Nairobi, Kenya.

In an effort to better coordinate menstrual health initiatives across the globe, delegates from South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and England came to discuss the advantages of the menstrual cup and to work to improve their programs to help even more girls. Emerging from this Summit is the establishment of a Cup Coalition, which will work to make independent initiatives stronger and smarter through collaboration with one another. 



Comprehensive Education.

Our educational program for youths is comprehensive; we believe talking about menstruation necessitates a broader discussion about related subjects like sex, pregnancy, unsafe abortions, HIV, reproductive rights etc. Knowledge most underprivileged youths lack but desperately need.


Periods are cool. Period.

We are very proud of our collaboration with MONKI x LUNETTE x THE CUP.

MONKI is an independent brand in the H&M group. Their new special edition pink cup is available in stores and online.

For every cup they sell, one cup gets donated to our Cup Foundation.


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The Reviews Are In...

"The cup has saved me a lot from buying pads.”

“The cup is the best option. In Oloitoikitok we don’t have enough water to wash rugs so we used to end up smelling.”

“Where were you when I used my rugs and burned my thighs, thank you The Cup team.”

“As a Muslim who takes our religion seriously I am very happy using the menstrual cup because our religion encourages us to wash away blood from the reusable pads before we dispose it, so using the cup is very convenient and hygienic for me.”
Halima, young single mother

“I love how the cup is sustainable. Most girls used to miss school when they had their period.”






100% School. 0% Waste.

Our goal is to make the largest urban slum in Africa, Kibera, Kenya, sustainable when it comes to Menstrual Hygiene. In addition to putting girls back in school, using the cup is a great help to the environment. We buy the highest quality cups in bulk from our manufacturer in Europe so that we use NO packaging what so ever when we distribute them.

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