About Us

The Cup Foundation is a California based non-profit organization founded in 2015 with a mission to empower underprivileged girls worldwide by providing them with sustainable menstrual cups and comprehensive education on sexuality and reproductive rights.


Our Support & Development

The Case For Her, a Swedish Foundation (a collaboration between Giving Wings and Futura Foundations) was instrumental in The Cup Foundation's inception thanks to their great ideas and generous financing which enabled us to reach 2,000 girls during 2015 through our pilot project in Kenya.


In 2016 we received further funding from The Case For Her, as well as other investors, we managed to scale our operations, including the training of boys, and started several co-operations.

For more information see our annual report for 2016: thecupreport.co.ke                     


Our Founders

Camilla Wirseen

Camilla grew up in Sweden and then studied architecture in Italy.

She started her career as a photographer, later taught at the university in art and architecture and was also a curator at major cultural institutions in Stockholm.

In 2006 Camilla became the co-founder of the sanitation project ‘Peepoo’ which her former partner and father of her two teenage daughters (Niki and Aya) had founded that same year. Ever since, Camilla dedicates herself to changing the lives of underprivileged people.
The Cup was born when Camilla came to understand how much girls struggle as they grow up;
“It is horrendous what many girls go through if they lack support and protection from their parents, they are so vulnerable and they lack a voice to say no, I just had to do something about it”.
Today Camilla is our CEO and responsible for all the day-to-day activities of The Cup Foundation, spending most of her time in Kenya.

Richard Ulfvengren

Richard grew up in Sweden and has had a very successful career as a Partner and Producer at Traktor. For the last 25 years, they’ve been making award winning TV commercials for major brands around the world.
Prior to producing, Richard spent 5 years as a young man in Sri Lanka, India, and Zambia where he worked as an engineer on various foreign aid projects.
Since his kids Emma (19) and Sebastian (22) are out of the nest and he does not play golf, he thought it was time to do some good, thus he set out to find the most unfair situation he could imagine, which to him was being a young girl living in poverty, and without any means to manage her periods.
Richard wants to make menstrual cups a mainstream product known to all women around the world, as it is great for the environment and will make it easier to help the millions of young girls who can’t afford one of their own.


Caroline Nordenfalk-Bielke

Lena Rupp

Dr Penelope Phillips-Howard

Jennifer Weiss Wolf

Richard Ulfvengren