The Cup Program.

Empowering Girls.

Improving Communities.


The Cup Methodology.

More Than Menstruation

Introducing the cup to underprivileged communities allows our trainers to do even more than teach girls about menstruation. During three training sessions, we try to tackle as many challenges and gaps of knowledge as possible. 

Our training methodology is adaptable to any cultural setting, and beyond menstruation care it addresses subjects like: Unsafe Sex and HIV/STDs, Pregnancy, Human Rights, Gender Roles and Sexual Violence etc. 


Real, Hard Questions.

Since 2015, thousands of anonymous questions have been gathered during our training sessions. These questions illuminate how desperate the situation is for many adolescents and how support from adults is often lacking.






Helping Girls. Changing Communities.

The cup provides a profound opportunity to give comprehensive education on sexuality and reproductive rights, not just to young girls, but also to the community that surrounds them. That’s why the Cup Program educates parents, boys, teachers, and elders to facilitate even broader social transformation. During the parents’ information meeting we seek approval to provide cups to their daughters.


Cup Helpline.                                                       

In May 2016, The Cup Kenya launched an anonymous 24/7 helpline to support girls who have no one to talk to and don’t know where to get help. We give them support in using their cup and even assist them with getting medical assistance due to things like infections or STD symptoms, others are pregnant or afraid they might be. Abuse, incest and rape are also reasons girls reach out. Whatever the issue, The Cup is there to help.


15,000 Girls.

Since its inception in 2015, The Cup Foundation has reached close to 15,000 girls aged 11 – 16 in Kenya. 15,000 girls can now have higher attendance in school and are better able to concentrate during lessons.

15,000 girls now live a more dignified life and have acquired essential knowledge that allows them to stay safe, healthy, and empowered. 

When schools are on break, we reach out to girls living in shelters, teenage mothers and school dropouts.

Help A Girl







During 2016, our Cup Boy trainers have educated 2,000 boys aged 13 – 16 about understanding and empathy for girls’ feelings and the challenges they face during their period. 2000 boys have learned that women and men are equals, and have learned about the importance of respecting women and that a No is a No!

Training also includes topics specific to the boys’ situation like crime and drugs.




Role models

The Cup trainers often come from a similar background as the girls they train, and many have experienced the same challenges. This creates an understanding and the girls are more likely to be able to bond and open up. The sessions are designed to be intimate, allowing for fun, and the trainers are not just teachers, but mentors as well. They become someone the girls can confide in and look up to as an inspiration, a role model.





Training Trainers

Our goal is to work with local partners in different parts of the world.

The most efficient and most cost-effective way for The Cup Foundation to scale and gain maximum reach, is for us to teach the Cup Methodology to trainers/educators within organizations around the world that are already on the ground and in the classrooms. In each case, we approach an organization’s project together with a cup manufacturer to offer a training package, and the highest quality cups.



With the lifetime of the cup being so crucial to the girls we provide them to, our cups are kept safe and clean in a durable pouch that we make from local fabrics. Our pouches are hand made by a community based group that works to empower girls aged 13-22 years old in the slum. This approach saves money, protects the environment and it creates work/income for the local community.




Highest Quality Cups

We use cups of the highest quality to donate to the girls in the slum. The same cups women buy in London, Paris, Stockholm and New York, are what we provide our Girls, who are truly dependent on their cups lasting as long as possible and deserve only the best.

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